Lowcountry Dog Park Tour

In the spring of 2008, the idea occurred to me that I should take the dogs and tour the area dog parks. Considering the size of the Charleston-Berkeley-Dorchester County area, there are actually a good number of dog parks. This is something Lowcountry dog owners should be very pleased about.

I finally got around to starting my Lowcountry Dog Park Tour project in July 2008 with the dog park I go to most often: Hampton Park Dog Run.

Dog parks

All of these are fenced in or otherwise enclosed.

Off-leash areas in Charleston

All of these are open areas and are near traffic areas.

  • Ansonborough Field, Concord Street (All day)
  • Brittlebank Park, Lockwood Blvd. (All day)
  • Cannon Park, Calhoun Street (Restricted hours)
  • Governors Park, Seven Farms Drive (All day)
  • Hazel Parker Playground, East Bay Street (Restricted hours)
  • The Horse Lot, Chisolm Street (All day)
  • Johns Island Park, Rewes Lane (All day)
  • Lenevar Playground, Lenevar Drive (All day)
  • West Ashley Park, Mary Ader Avenue (All day)
  • White Point Garden, Murray Blvd. (Restricted hours)

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