New power supply

Ordered a new computer power supply after we got back from Rome to replace the old one that flaked out. Went with a 750W EVGA SuperNOVA G2 supply from Newegg based on favourable comments at The Tech Report and jonnyGURU.

The power supply came in a nice sturdy box, and was securely packed inside.



All the cables that can plug into the power supply along with some cable ties, screws and a testing plug that lets you test the power supply without having to plug it into a computer.


It's a pretty slick looking power supply that comes in a nice black finish.


The modular connectors are all labeled so it's easy to figure out what cables go where.


Plenty of ventilation holes out the back for the fan to push hot air through. The ECO ON/OFF switch toggles a power saving mode that turns on the fan only when the power supply needs additional cooling. The fan is pretty quiet and I can't hear it over the noise of the other fans in the system.


After about 30 minutes of routing and re-routing the cables, I got the power supply installed. Installation was pretty easy. The cables are all labeled, so there's no guess work about what cables are used where.


Turned the power on and everything came up without any smoke appearing. The cable routing is pretty messy right now. At some point if I get motivated enough, I may tear everything apart and re-route everything to make it look nicer (the insides need a good cleaning anyway). For now, everything works and I'm happy to have an operational system again.