New mailbox and post

At some point Thursday night, or very early Friday morning, the mailbox post got knocked down. No idea what happened or who knocked it over, but it was hit hard enough to snap the 4x4 post right off a few cm above the ground. I was just walking out of the house to the car Friday morning and saw it lying there on the ground.


*sigh*. Jerks.

So, it was off to Lowes to buy a new post and some concrete. This morning I dug out a hole next to the original post, cut what was left of the old post off at the ground and put in the new post. Got it nice and straight, set it in the ground with the concrete and filled in the rest of the hole with dirt.

We had been planning on replacing the mail box with a new one anyway, so I went ahead and put that on to the post. Shiny new mailbox post, shiny new mailbox. Maybe it will help add to the curb appeal of the house.