Wetter and soggier

After a bit of a break in the rain for a few hours, the water in the back and side yards started to recede just a little bit, but it didn't last long. A couple hours of torrential downpour and wind filled up the ditch and yard again to the point where the ditch is overflowing. Of course, being dark it's hard to get any good pictures of it, but I managed to get a few decent ones during a break in the rain.


The water filling up the swale got a lot wider


Along the side yard near the front of the house, water's getting pretty close to the house, and up against the neighbour's house.


More rain on the way and another high tide coming up in a few hours. Seeing a few reports of buildings downtown getting inundated with water now.

So far the house is staying high and dry, aside from a little bit of wind driven rain getting in underneath the garage door seals. A look in the attic space above the ceilings didn't show any leakage or anything, which is good.

Hopefully the rest of the rain we get tonight isn't quite as torrential as what went through a couple hours ago, and some of this water has a chance to drain away some.