Wet and soggy weekend

Thanks to a confluence of weather events, a lot of moisture from Hurricane Joaquin is getting funneled right through the state.


We've been getting a good bit of rain the past few days, and the forecast was calling for an additional 20-40 cm of rain for the weekend. After raining pretty much all of yesterday evening and all night, I ventured out to find the ditch beside the house running pretty high and fast, with the swale coming off the ditch like a tributary.



Normally the swale drains into the ditch, but I think today, the swale was draining the ditch.

The corner of the side yard was looking like this



Looks like it will be like this for most of the day. Apparently downtown flooding was bad enough that the Charleston Police Department closed off the peninsula a few hours ago.

It's not just the peninsula that's flooding either. There are a lot of other areas in West Ashley, Mt. Pleasant, Isle of Palms, North Charleston where the water is getting pretty high too.

A day like today makes me glad we got the eavestroughing put up around the house.