Dragoncon 2015

Made it back out to Dragoncon this year for another fun filled weekend of costumes, people and partying. Lots of people at Dragoncon this year, and it definitely felt like it too.

While Dragoncon was another great time, unfortunately this was also the first year I managed to pick up a cold (con-crud) while there, which was not so great. I missed out on the Saturday evening festivities but was feeling well enough to head back out on Sunday.

This year's Dragoncon was (aside from getting sick) a different experience from the previous years. It was less about seeing the people in costumes and attending panels/sessions, and more about getting together with con-friends that I'd met previously and hanging out with them. The costumes were great, and watching them go by was pretty cool, but they weren't the main focus for me this year as they were in the past.

Hung out with some old Dragoncon friends



and met some new ones



This was also the first year I got to stay in one of the host hotels (the Hyatt). Luckily, our room faced the street and offered a great view of the Saturday Dragoncon parade from the 12th floor.



After one of the Space track talks, I stopped by the solar astronomy setup at the Hilton to check things out. It was operated by the Charles Bates Solar Astronomy Project, and they had a pretty nice setup with 4 scopes each with a different filter. One of the things they do is bring solar viewing to schools, which I think is great.


Could be a while before I make it to another Dragoncon. The next year will be pretty busy, so I doubt I'll make it to another Dragoncon until 2017 at the earliest. It will be good to get back when I do make it though.