Time to plan for car replacement

The Toyota's seen a fair bit of work and has spent a fair amount of time in the shop so far this past year. Mostly things that have just worn out from age. Radiator, gaskets, engine mount, hoses, more gaskets.

Most receently, the check engine light has been persistently on due to issues in the emissions/vacuum system. Get one thing fixed, light comes back on with codes pointing at something else in the same system.

Now, considering the age of the car (15 years now), we're starting to look at replacing the Toyota sooner rather than later.

Not sure what we'll replace it yet, but it will be a newer older used car, probably about the same size. The folding rear seats with the opening into the trunk is very handy, so having that in the next car would be nice.

Car budget has taken a pretty big hit with all the recent repairs, so we'll need to fill that back up before we go shopping.