Castle Wolfenstein!

Not very long ago, the Internet Archive introduced the Internet Arcade, a huge collection of games from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. I spent some time browsing around and found all sorts of classic games that I grew up with playing in the arcade and at home.

The other day, a random web page I was browsing made a reference to Wolfenstein 3D, which made me think of Castle Wolfenstein, a game I spent many hours playing on the Apple ][+ and //e.

I wandered over to the Internet Arcade to see if it was there, and sure enough, there it is: Castle Wolfenstein in all its low res glory, free to play in a DOSBox emulator right there in the browser. The manual for the Apple ][/][+ version is even available on the Internet Archive so you don't have to press random keys trying to remember the controls.


There's even Beyond Castle Wolfenstein (and manual) as well, another game I spent many hours playing.

The Arcade is a place to hang out again :)