Work computer upgrades

Finally got around to replacing the work desktop (cobbled together from parts of old retired PACS display stations) with a "newer" workstation (cobbled together from parts of slightly less old retired PACS display stations).

It's one I put together about a year ago, but just never had time to move it down to my desk. Quad core Xeon 5120, 16GB RAM and around 750GB of hard disk space spread over 4 drives. For something pieced together out of spare parts, this new computer is significantly beefier than the old one. It's capable of driving 4 monitors, so I think I'll have to go scrounge for a third one.

My old web/database server is being retired, so I'm moving those functions down to this new computer. Spent the day working on migrating stuff over from the old server, which went surprisingly smoothly.

Pro tip: When something should be working, but isn't, check for unnoticed SELinux alerts. Might just find something useful there.