Bike repair station

Walking to my car after work yesterday, I noticed a new thing  that popped up on campus.


Upon closer investigation, it turned out to be a bike repair station complete with air pump and tools for doing some very simple basic repairs.

This bicycle front mounted to the column serves as a hanger for the air hose. The valve for the air compressor is located near the ground at the base of the column.


A tubular stand bolted to the concrete sidewalk serves as a bike stand and also houses the tools which are attached to the column by cables. The label on the column identifies it as a Dero Fix It. The QR code and website takes you to a web page with some videos for some very basic repair jobs you can do with at the stand.


The bike holder integrated to the stand is a pretty cool idea, and gets the bike up high enough to make it easier to work on.


All the tools you need to do simple emergency repairs or adjustments on your bike are right there: wrenches, screw drivers, allen wrenches, and tire irons.


It's a pretty genius idea I think.