Charleston RadioShack closings

After my RadioShack on Folly Road closed, the next closest one was further away over on Sam Rittenberg. Stopped by there on Friday and discovered that one had closed in advance of RadioShack's bankruptcy announcement. Signs on the window point you to the nearest RadioShack over in Mt. Pleasant.

Made the trip out to that location Friday evening to find a reasonably well stocked store (probably full of stuff from the other store), but no sale or clearance items other than RC toys.

According to this list I found via a Twitter posting, the only two stores in the immediate vicinity slated for closing (this round anyway) are located near Tanger Mall and Northwoods Mall (surprised that one is still open considering the one at Citadel Mall closed long ago).

That leaves three stores (Mt. Pleasant, Goose Creek, and Summerville) that may become Sprint stores with an embedded RadioShack or which may eventually go away altogether. The one store up in Summerville (Hurricane Electronics/RadioShack) I believe is a franchise store and would probably (hopefully) stay, probably dropping the RadioShack part.