*duino work station

Inspired by the Sparkfun Arduino and Breadboard holder, I decided to build my own portable work station to use for building projects with my *duinos.

I cut a 27.7cm x 40.5 cm piece of 6mm thick (1/4") plywood from stuff I had on hand to serve as the base, and started playing around with how I wanted things laid out. I eventually settled on a setup with three breadboards around the *duino board (in this case, a Sparkfun RedBoard) and a little parts bin on the side.


Scrounged up some nylon standoffs and screws to mount the board to the plywood and I ended up with this.


I can switch between the Netduinos and RedBoards pretty easily, and it gives me plenty of breadboard space to work on. The parts bin stays on the board thanks to the magic of Velcro and I used the adhesive backing on the breadboards to stick them to the plywood.

Still have plenty of room on the left side to put other things. Now I'll be able to easily pick up my projects and move them somewhere else to work on.