Coffee making: Level 2

Added a new tool to my collection of coffee-making related implements: a burr grinder. Nothing fancy, it's like an oversized pepper mill.


The main reason I wanted to get one of these is so that I can adjust the size of the grounds, which is something I can't do with the electric blade type grinder I currently have.

DSC01789.JPGDSC01791.JPGOne nice thing about this one is that the hopper is large enough to hold enough beans for a jar of my cold brew coffee, where with the electric grinder I have to grind the beans in two batches. It takes a little bit longer, but for now it's kind of fun to do.

The other nice thing about this manual model is that it's pretty simple, not a lot of pieces, and comes apart pretty easily for cleaning.

DSC01793.JPGDSC01794.JPGIt also comes with a cap to screw onto the jar to store any coffee you've just ground, but I probably won't use it much, if at all.

Looking forward to doing some coffee experiments with this.