Reading glasses

At my last regular eye exam, I told my opthalmologist that I thought it was time for a second pair of glasses that I could use for reading and other up close work, because I'm running out of nose room to push my regular glasses down so that I can see things near my face.

Unlike those reading glasses you pick up from the store, in my case they're just a weaker prescription. If those store reading glasses came in clip-on form, they'd probably work just fine.

This time, I decided to try out Zenni Optical to get the glasses from. Connie ordered a pair of glasses from there a little while ago and was satisfied with what she got. I picked out what seemed like a decent looking pair of glasses on my face and put in an order. I wish Zenni gave more options for filtering frames besides just pupil distance and frame style.

The new glasses arrived today, just under two weeks after placing the order. So far everything seems to be pretty good. The glasses fit reasonably well, although the arms might be a little on the short side. Vision wise, they are good. I can hold things at a reasonable distance from my face and read them pretty easily. No unexpected distortions in the field of view.

So far so good. Now to see how they stand up to regular use.