Back in Edmonton, 2014 edition

After a mostly uneventful flight from CHS->DFW->YEG (the inbound flight at DFW was late getting in, so we ended up leaving about 20 minutes late), I made it in to Edmonton safe and sound.

My rental car ended up getting upgraded to a Kia Sedona mini-van because that was pretty much all they had left by the time I got there. Pretty sure you could cram a couple dozen people into this thing with room to spare.

After a quick stop at a Bell Mobility store to pick up a SIM card to use in my phone while I'm here, it was off to meet my friends Joe, Alexa and Tom at a Boston Pizza in St Albert.

Mmmm, Great White North.

Joe and Alexa are nice enough to let me stay with them again, which I greatly appreciate. Always nice to be able to stay with friends while I'm in town.

Not too much on the schedule yet, although that will change soon. Already have most of Saturday booked up with the family and a few other things I need to schedule over the week. The rest of my time I'll get to play tourist and do some exploring again. Looks like I'm just in time to see the leaves start changing colour. That will be cool, it's been a while since I've seen that.

With any luck, by the time I leave Edmonton, I'll also have my Canadian Amateur Radio Certificate.