Nexus 5 X-ray

Continuing the tradition of making radiographs of my electronic things, I got a radiograph of my new Nexus 5, the DDS modules and the Arduino Pro Mini.

The Nexus 5. The battery takes up a good bit of the space inside. The square object to the right of center near the top is the camera module. The SIM card tray is easily visible below that. The boards look pretty crowded (click for the jumbo sized image).


The AD9850 modules. Not a whole lot to them. The crystal in each module is easily visible as the rectangular object on the left. The AD9850 chip is in the middle.


Sparkfun Arduino Pro Mini. Not a whole lot to this either. There's the AT Mega 328P chip in the middle, and at the top is the reset button.


All images were acquired using an 8"x10" cassette. X-ray technique was 80 kVp, 5 mAs with the small focal spot (0.6 mm). Source to image distance (SID) was 172 cm, and the object to image distance (OID) was about 100 cm giving a magnification factor of about 1.7. This results in some magnification blur, but at this magnification, the Nexus 5 takes up pretty much all of the cassette.