The workbench

Thought I'd show off some pictures of the current state of my workbench, now that I've started to build up some inventory. No current projects on it yet, but I'm planning on finally getting around to building the Softrock Ensemble RXTX kit.

Parts storage. Going to need more space soon. Up top are a couple of storage bins with wall warts and wires. I think I'll need another parts bin soon. Below that is the test gear: oscilloscope, Heathkit signal generator, DMM and some tools.


The one bookcase on the right needs me to put in another shelf or two. More parts bins and stuff that needs to be put away properly.


The workbench itself is starting to get a little cluttered.


The Radio Shack soldering station has been working out pretty well, especially after I replaced the stock tip. It's not fancy, but it gets hot enough to melt solder, which is really what counts. I've found that yogurt cups make great containers for holding components while I'm working on a project. An old paint brush is very useful for sweeping up the dust, wire trimmings and little bits of solder that end up on the bench.


The Astron RS-35A provides a nice source of 13.7V power for the bench, although I'd eventually like to get a variable power supply so that I don't have to keep rummaging through the wall warts to find something suitable.


The only problem with having the workbench in the garage is that temperature control isn't that great. A little portable heater for the winter and a box fan for the summer come in pretty handy though.