Hops Tower Dedication

The dedication ceremony for Theresa's hops tower happened this afternoon. I made sure to get there early before there were too many people around and got some more pictures. The hops vines grew even more over the weekend. Before the weekend (on June 4) some of the vines had reached the top.

IMG_20140604_080231.jpgToday, it looked like this

IMG_20140609_141657.jpgThe dedication ceremony was a very nice event with some words and memories shared by Theresa's family and some of the people she worked with and for. There was a pretty good crowd in attendance, a testament to the number of people Theresa touched and the people she inspired.



The plaque at the base of the tower is fabulous.


A very nice reception followed after the dedication ceremony and after that a nice gathering of family and friends at Tommy Condon's where I got to meet some more of Theresa's friends and shared some stories.

Everybody seemed to agree that this was a very fitting way to remember Theresa, and I'd have to agree.