Morse code ringtones and vibration patterns

Yesterday I discovered that I can make custom vibration notification patterns for people in my Contacts list.

On the Galaxy S2, select a contact, scroll down to Vibration Pattern tap it to bring up a list and hit the Create button. When you tap the center of the circle, a line starts to sweep around the circle and you just tap out the vibration pattern you want to create. I've used it to create some Morse code vibration patterns for a few people

AB4UGVibration.jpgThis is what it looks like for my call sign.

While I was doing that, I figured why not do the same for ring tones! Using the text to CW converter at made it super easy. Enter your text, select the speed and tone to play it and it gives you a link where you can download an MP3 file to send to the phone to use as a ring tone.

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Learn CW Online - - Text to Morse Converter

So now for a few people stored in my phone, I have call sign Morse code ring tones and vibration patterns set up.