Get ready for Southeast Linuxfest 2014

Southeast Linuxfest is coming up in a few months. This time around there's a new website, new location and new date!

This year will be the sixth installment of SELF, and I'm pleased to have been part of it from the very first one. SELF2014 is happening June 20-22 this year, a couple of weeks later than previous SELFs have been. The Sheraton Charlotte Airport will be the location for SELF 2014, and rooms are already available for booking. The SELF2014 rate is $99/night and also includes internet access.

The call for talks is currently open. Deadline for submitting talk proposals is March 31.

Some particular areas we're really looking for talks this year include desktop linux, gimp, inkscape, ruby, python, perl, java, security, drupal, wordpress, and bash. That being said, please don't be discouraged from submitting a talk outside of those things listed. We will continue to look for, welcome, encourage, and accept talks pertaining to enterprise, BSD, and all things FOSS.

SELF 2014 is also looking for sponsors. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor, check out the sponsor prospectus.

For all the latest updates, stay tuned to the website, hang out with us on and/or follow @selinuxfest on Twitter.

Should be another exciting Linuxfest! Can't wait!