Charleston Sleetpocalypse 2014

Last night and for a good part of today, many states in the southeast were treated to what the Weather Channel was calling "Winter Storm Leon". The Charleston area got socked with temperatures that fell to a little below 0°C during the evening and stayed there overnight. Combined with the rain that moved in, much of the area ended up with a nice coating of ice and sleet. It was bad enough that the Weather Channel sent Jim Cantore to Charleston to report on the storm.

This morning I woke up to this outside the front door.


This is what the back yard looked like.



Most of what fell was sleet, but there was the occasional snowflake that came down. It's been a long time since i heard the pinging of sleet off windows.


Temperatures didn't get much above freezing today, so there was only some token melting of the ice. What did melt today will probably turn into ice overnight.

DSC01289.JPGHopefully things will warm up enough to melt the ice away tomorrow.