Content warning: The squeamish among you may not want to click through the links in this post.

Wisdom teeth extraction seems to have gone pretty well. The dentist put an IV into one of the veins in the back of my hand, and after giving me whatever he used to put me under, I don't remember anything until waking up. Wasn't feeling as groggy as I thought I would be, more like the kind of woozy and slight disorientation you get after being woken up from a deep nap. I'm told that I was talking (or rather mumbling) during the procedure though, and that at one point I even tried to scratch an itch. I really don't remember anything at all.

Mouth was all kinds of numb, and 6 hours later, it still is. Dentist said it would probably stay that way for most of the day. Probably a good thing.

3 of the wisdom teeth were extracted intact, but the 4th one had to be removed in pieces and isn't complete.

Here are links to pictures of my teeth. I think they're pretty neat to look at. They have a fair bit of plaque and tartar build up on them. I imagine being so far back in the mouth, they're hard to clean properly, and getting them with a tooth brush isn't always that easy.

Clicking the links may not be for the squeamish.