Time to root the phone?

On one of my quasi-regular checks of the T-Mobile forums for the Galaxy S2, I noticed that the Android Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade was released almost 2 years ago. There were some indications that Samsung might release Jelly Bean (4.2) for the Galaxy S2 later on, but now I think it's pretty much given that the S2 will be stuck at ICS 4.1.2 and the only way I'm going to get anything higher is to root the phone and install a custom ROM myself.

My Transformer Prime is in the same boat. Its last update was a year ago and looks like it will be stuck at ICS 4.1.1. It's a shame. I was under the impression that ASUS' long term support was better than most manufacturers.

I guess my next project will be learning about the whole process and finding a JB ROM or higher that will work on the phone and tablet.