Fluke 75 DMM repair

I think my skills at the workbench have progressed to the point where I'm feeling pretty good about being able to make minor repairs to some of my electronic gadgets.

I've had this Fluke 75 autoranging DMM sitting in a toolbox for a bunch of years because it never worked properly. Brought it out to the workbench the morning and cracked it open to find the 9V battery inside had leaked, and the battery posts had corroded.


Should be a pretty easy fix. I've got some 9V battery connectors with leads in the parts bin. Heated up the soldering iron and removed the old posts, then soldered in the leads for the 9V connector. The original battery posts had three connections, so I used some hookup wire to jumper the other two connections to where the connector leads were going to go.

Fluke75_02.JPGClosed everything back up and fired up the meter. Yay, back in business!