No Dragon*Con this year

My social media streams are filled with people posting about Dragon*Con now, and I imagine it will be for at least the next few weeks.

I'll be skipping D*C this year and travelling back home to Edmonton instead the following week. Feelings about missing D*C are kind of mixed. On the one hand, I'm going to miss not being there. It's always exciting to see the crowds, all the costumes and to hit all the different tracks and fan panels. The first couple of days are always a rush and full of excitement about being around your own kind. On the other hand, this would have been my 5th Dragon*Con, and part of me feels like it's becoming old and routine, and that there isn't much new to experience. Sure, there's always something different to see, but the over all experience is still the same. Of course once I'm there, I'm sure all that would go out the window and it would again be an awesome and fun time.

Maybe it's good that I'm taking a break from D*C this time. I'll probably go back next year, but undecided at the moment.

I'm looking forward to being back in Edmonton again and seeing my friends. Hoping for an uneventful trip there and back, but given my recent past traveling history, not terribly optimistic.