Mystery magazine subscription

A copy of Redbook magazine appeared in the mailbox yesterday, addressed to me and indicating a 2 year subscription on the address label. Not even a sample "Subscribe to me!" copy.

It wouldn't have been the first time something strange has appeared in the mailbox. Why I would subscribe to Redbook, I have no idea. I certainly didn't subscribe to it intentionally and it definitely doesn't have anything of interest to me.

I logged into Redbook's customer service part of the website and found that I did indeed have a 2 year subscription with no balanace due, but no indication of who subscribed me. Since there was no point in keeping a magazine that's just going to go straight into the recycling bin, I decided to cancel the subscription. The site told me the subscription was placed through some agent and that it would be canceled, but that I would need to go through the agent to pursue a refund.

Still no idea where it came from.