Southeast Linuxfest 2013 photos

It's taken me a few days to get to, but I finally found some time to go through the nearly 500 photos I took at Southeast Linuxfest 2013. First pass took it down to around 420 photos, and then trimmed it down to 406 photos that I uploaded to my gallery. I'll make a few more passes to pick out the good ones that will get posted to Flickr eventually.

Shay Walters made a few of these wood SELF 2013 logos using a laser cutter. Pretty cool.

SELF 2013 wood cutting

A group of lock picking enthusiasts had a very popular table this year at SELF

FALE table

Linode guy had a green mowhawk to match the Linode logo

Linode guy

Saturday's party with MC Frontalot was a fun time.

MC Frontalot

Check out the rest of the photos over in the gallery. A subset of these will end up in the Southeast Linuxfest Flickr group. If you have photos from Southeast Linuxfest you'd like to share, feel free to post them there too.