Southeast Linxufest 2013 has come and gone, and once again I had a great time working the conference, seeing the exhibitors and catching a few talks.

Rolled into Charlotte Thursday afternoon and after a short wait for a previous event to clear out, we got to work getting everything set up. First all the gear had to be hauled down to the conference area, figure out what was in the boxes then set up the cameras, sound and projectors. That took the bulk of the evening. Ethernet and power cables were run to the rooms and tables.

The party on Saturday featured MC Frontalot, who I'd heard of but hadn't heard any of his music until then. Everybody seemed to enjoy it and after his show a crowd quickly developed at the merch table so people coud buy stuff and get autographs/photos.

Most of my time was spent taking photos and running around helping out wherever I could. Couldn't get to as many talks as I wanted, but I did manage to catch a few good talks on MySQL admin and node.js.

Just a little under 500 photos to weed through, process and then upload. Could take a while to get to.