Rain, rain, rain

It's been unusually wet and rainy so far this year, a sharp contrast to the drought/near-drought conditions we've been having for the past few years.

Yesterday a particularly persistent and strong storm triggered several severe thundrestorm alerts and tornado warnings. Got some pretty torrential rains at the house that went on for around 3 hours, long enough to get some serious water running through the ditch beside the house and turn part of the back yard into a small river.

River through the yard

The tornado warnings were close enough that we spent part of the storm hunkered down in one of our little closets. The official rainfall amount was only a little over 1 cm yesterday, but there was definitely way more than that over James Island and Johns Island. I saw some reports saying there was close to 10 cm of rain in my area.

I hope the rest of the summer isn't going to be quite this rainy.