CHarleston Uber Users Group (CHUUG)

There's a new tech user group in Charleston, and they're called CHUUG (CHarleston Über Users Group).

One problem that many tech user groups in Charleston suffer from is that their focus tends to be narrow (Ruby, Java, etc), which means fairly small membership and after a while, a lack of topics. I've seen more than a few groups around here start up, develop a good following and then fizzle out after a few months.

CHUUG was formed to combat this problem by being tech-agnostic and offer the local tech community a place to discuss, share and learn from their peers. The focus is pretty much anything and everything tech related.

If it's tech, geek, maybe even nerdy, it's ok

Everybody is welcome to attend. Talks and discussions tend to be fairly high level requiring some knowledge, but that's the whole point of the group. The first few meetings have been conducted barcamp style, with people pitching ideas they'd be willing to talk about, or want to learn about and then breaking out into smaller groups around those ideas.

CHUUG meets on the second Thursday of the month at 6PM at Jack Russell Software (494 Wando Park Blvd).

You can find CHUUG on Google+ and the #chuug IRC channel on freenode.

If CHUUG makes you think of beer, there's that too.