Flowers for Theresa

Theresa's obituary said she wanted flowers.

In lieu of donations, Theresa requests flowers. Being a Cystic Fibrosis and transplant patient, Theresa was never allowed to have flowers, so she would want them in her celebration of life.

She got a lot of them. At the brunch (at Morgan Creek Grill) following the funeral mass, just about every table had two or three vases of flower arrangements, and there were several other larger arrangements on stands and on the floor. There were so many flowers it was almost like being in a florist shop.

As brunch wound up, guests were encouraged to take whichever arrangements they wanted. As pretty as they all were, I'm sure Theresa's parents just didn't have room to take them all.

I looked around for the arrangement we had sent, but I guess someone else thought it looked nice and claimed it. I picked out another nice colourful one instead.

DSC00717.JPGDSC00719.JPGShe would have loved all the flowers.

It was a nice funeral mass (even though the priest told a rather different version of my gym story during his homily), and a nice brunch gathering afterwards, sharing favourite Theresa stories.