Cracked tablet screen

I try to take care of my devices. I wrap them in cases, put protective covers on their screens and try to treat them gently.

I must not be a good caretaker for my devices because lately it seems like they all want to die or something.

First the phone went belly up. Shipped it off to the Samsung service center, where it took about a week for them to get to and is now waiting on parts to finish the repair.

Today my tablet squirmed out of my arms and hit the ground. The case took most of the impact, but one of the exposed corners still got dinged and the glass cracked there.

cracked tablet screen

Fortunately the tablet is still functional and the damage is largely cosmetic. I'll have to see what I can do to keep the cracking from spreading. The damage certainly could have been worse if the tablet had landed on the exposed side instead. Still this makes me very sad.