Where to find electronic components, bits and pieces

As I get more into building electronic things, I've come across schematics for various other things that seem like they'd be interesting to build. It's a progression from assembling kits on boards where everything is laid out already, to building circuits.  Maybe I'll even get to the point where I'm laying out my own circuits and etching boards. Probably not for a while though.

All this leads to the question: Where do I go to find boards, components, connectors, wire, cables and other bits locally?

In this day and age of "disposable electronics", scavenging parts from the trash pile is an option. However, you're getting kind of a grab bag of bits that may or may not be immediately useful.

There are online sources like Digikey and Mouser, but then you have to wait for the part to arrive. Normally not a problem, but there might be times when i want/need something soon.

I have the good fortune to have a nearby Radio Shack that still has a decent electronics hobby/DIY section. They've been able to supply me with most of the components I've needed so far. The selection isn't huge, but the fact they even have one is impressive. Just about everything I used for the breadboard version of the Morse code oscillator came from there (except for the button)

I've had a few people suggest Wholesale Industrial Electronics on the peninsula on East Bay St. Will have to go check them out and see. I wonder if there are any other places for me to go shopping at.