PDF printing and Google Chrome oddness

Encountering some odd behaviour on the home computer with Fedora 18 that I have to dig into some more. I'm not sure if it's Fedora 18 related, just something really odd going on with my installation, or some old config left over from versions ago.

Google Chrome (stable and beta) has been doing this weird thing on some pages where the page renders, but only a black page is displayed. I can move the mouse around and see where links are because they show up in the status bar, but everything is black. Page source is there and everything looks like it should render fine but nothing. Reinstalling Chrome and deleting ~/.config/google-chrome/ doesn't seem to have helped. Very odd.

The other problem I've run into recently is printing PDF files. Pages with just text print out fine, but if there are any images on the page, only the first few centimeters of the page prints and the rest is blank. It's like the printer is being told to print the page before it's received all the data. Kind of reminds me of an out of memory issue. It's not the printer, because I can print the same document from my laptop without any problems. More oddness.

Haven't really had much time to sit down and do any serious troubleshooting. They've been more like annoying inconveniences than anything. Will have to sit down and do some troubleshooting.