Children's Day

Connie introduced me to the idea of Children's Day, a holiday her mom came up with for the kids. It sounded like a great idea: have a little holiday for the kids in between the birthdays and Christmas and decided she wanted to do it for the godchildren, so she set to planning.

We had Children's day at the house last weekend and it was a lot of fun. I cooked up some hamburgers for the big kids, and hot dogs for the little kids. We had lunch and I got challenged by a 9 year old ("Mr. Eugene, you're a pretty good cook. Almost as good as me!"). We might have to have a throw down at some point.

 Ellie tried to pull a fast one over us with hand washing.

"Did you wash your hands?"
"What colour was the soap"
"... (goes back to wash with soap)"
(long pause, bit of back and forth moving)
"Miss Connie, how do you turn on the water?"

After lunch we watched the kids run around searching for their presents. Almost from the start, it became a race to see who could find all their presents first. They were more interested in the clue for the next present than the one they just found, which made it all the more fun to watch. At one point, I saw Mark spike the wrapping paper from one of his presents onto the coffee table, like he just scored a touchdown.

After all the presents were found, the kids kind of settled down to check out their surprises. Ellie had me help her with colouring in one of the colouring books. Then Miss Connie brought down the big box of Legos, and we spent some time playing with that. It's been a while since I played with Legos.

We helped the kids make banana splits for dessert, went outside to throw a ball around a few times (which inevitably turned into game of Monkey in the Middle) and even played fetch with Simba for a bit.

Eventually it was time to give the kids back so off they went back home, minus the Nerf gun.

I think all the kids (big and little and even the furry 4-legged ones) had a great time playing, except for the cat who didn't seem to like all the activity very much. The only casualty was a crayon that Simba snuck off the coffee table and snarfed down before we caught him. I guess when you're a Lab, everything smells like food.