7 segment LED adventures

One of the items I picked up in the tailgating/bone yard area of Hamcation was this bag of 7 segment LEDs. Out of the 10 in the bag, 8 of them are marked CSS-3115RJ, one is marked MTN1130-ASR and the other is marked MTN1130-CSR


DSC00575.JPGA bit of Google-ing turned up data sheets for the MTN1130 modules, but very little on the CSS-3115RJ modules. Of the three types, it appears that only the MTN113-ASR is the odd ball.

Adafruit has a great tutorial when it comes to learning about LEDs and how to use them in circuits. I've got power supplies that will give me 3.3, 5 and 12V. Will work out the resistor values to use for these modules at those voltages, then have a bit of fun testing them out and making the segments light up (I hope). Then I'll have to find something that I can use to control them and make them display something useful.