Why is the fridge leaking?

Pro tip: When you buy things, keep the manual. The ones that have exploded diagrams of all the bits inside and a list of what all those parts are are especially useful

I have one of those refrigerators that has a water dispenser in the door. No ice though, it's not that fancy.

After not using the water dispenser for a long time, I finally decided to replace the water filter. While dispensing several large cups of water through the filter to prime it, Connie noticed there was water leaking from the fridge.

Uh oh.

Found water leaking from the bottom of the door behind a cover, so out came the screw driver and off came the panel where I found a valve type thing, a couple of hoses and a plastic reservoir. After running a bit more water to see where the leak was coming from, it looked like the water was coming from a tiny pinhole leak in the resevoir. Hard to see, but it's there when there's water pressure.

Fortunately for me, I like to keep the manuals around for most things I have, especially things like appliances that have replacable parts. Looking up the part number for the water reservoir was pretty simple, and a search on Amazon turned up a few sources

When it arrives, I'll hopefully have refrigerator door water again!